She became interested in Christianity, and thought of joining

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"My dear boy," said de Jars to the youth, "we are caught, and may as well yield gracefully. You don't know this big fellow as well as I do. He's obstinacy itself. You can make the most obstinate donkey go on by pulling its tail hard enough, but when Jeannin gets a notion into his pate, not all the legions of hell can get it out again. Besides that, he's a skilful fencer, so there's nothing for it but to trust him."

She became interested in Christianity, and thought of joining

"Just as you like," said the young man; "you know all my circumstances and how important it is that my secret should be kept."

She became interested in Christianity, and thought of joining

"Oh! among Jeannin's many vices there are a few virtues, and of these discretion is the greatest, so that his curiosity is harmless. A quarter of an hour hence he will let himself be killed rather than reveal what just now he is ready to risk his skin to find out, whether we will or no."

She became interested in Christianity, and thought of joining

Jeannin nodded approvingly, refilled the glasses, and raising his to his lips, said in a tone of triumph--

"Well, if it must be, it must. First of all, learn that my nephew is not my nephew at all."

"That his name is not Moranges."

"I am not going to reveal his real name to you."

"Because I don't know ft myself, and no more does the chevalier."



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