to the bravest hearts, was heard in cool, inflexible silence.

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"But I only saw him for an instant," said Angelique, "and I can't recall----

to the bravest hearts, was heard in cool, inflexible silence.

"Write, and don't talk. I can recall everything, and that is all that is wanted."

to the bravest hearts, was heard in cool, inflexible silence.

"'Height about five feet.' The chevalier," said Quennebert, interrupting himself, "is four feet eleven inches three lines and a half, but I don't need absolute exactness." Angelique gazed at him in utter stupefaction.

to the bravest hearts, was heard in cool, inflexible silence.

"Do you know him, then?" she asked.

"I saw him this evening for the first time, but my eye is very accurate.

"'Height about five feet; hair black, eyes ditto, nose aquiline, mouth large, lips compressed, forehead high, face oval, complexion pale, no beard.'

" Now another line, and in capitals

"'A small mole on the neck behind the right ear, a smaller mole on the left hand.'



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